Ok. I am Live On Hashnode

Ok. I am Live On Hashnode

Learning with Ridwan


Hey guys 👋, I am Obafunso Ridwan Adebayo, a software engineer from Lagos, Nigeria.

I build software that scale using the industry battle tested engineering principles and approaches. I care a lot about clean code, architecture, performance, testing, etc.

I am constantly seeking to expand my skillset and stay current with the latest programming technologies.

It is a pleasure to meet you guys 🥳🥰😄

Why Technical Writing

Passion. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with others, as well as continuing to learn and grow in my field.

Area of Interest

I will write more on JavaScript/TypeScript, Solidity, and PHP.


My programming stacks are listed below:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • PHP
  • Solidity.


My open source software projects are listed below:

  • Suya is is a simple, fast middleware(s) that adds caching layer on top of your Express.js API response to reduce latency and increase performance.


You can reach out to me on:

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Thanks for reading guys ❤️